Third Overall and a New 5K PR

Donot Stop Race Promo Image

If you’ve seen my previous posts you would have thought that my racing season was over. I thought so too, but I was wrong (it happens). Because of next year’s shifting focus – more on that coming soon – my coach wanted me to do a fall 5K so that we can get an idea…

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Flatrock 25K

Matt racing over a rocky section during the Flat Rock 25K

Flatrock 25K When most people think of “Kansas,” they envision miles of pan-flat wheat fields. Those people have not visited southeastern Kansas. The Flat Rock 25/50K takes place in the Chautauqua Hills, a narrow band of rolling sandstone hills that extends into northern Oklahoma. The hills aren’t all that big, but they are steep, rocky,…

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Race Report: Dark and Dirty Miles

Matt smiling and holding his race medal at the finish line

This is a quick and dirty post facto write-up for the Dark and Dirty Miles 10K from July. This was my first trail race since 2017, and I haven’t been doing much trail running over the past year or so. So it seems totally logical to pick a hilly, technical race to get back into…

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